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My “KARMA” Experience

Written by; melodyheart

December 17th 2019, I had a very stressfull day at work, I have never seen a boss like mine who can send someone an errand almost 10times a day. For crying out loud, this man have a secretary whom he can send such errands, but he just choose to hit on me(abi he see me for him dream). Although, I had a lot of financial benefits I derived from such errands.

So on this faithful day in the month of December, I was sent on one of my numerous errands as usual by my big belly boss. I was sent to the federal secretariats around Abuja city (for those of you familiar with FCT-Abuja). I was sent to deliver a proposal in one of the ministry. As a usual ritual, I was given transport fare for a taxi to convey me there more faster, but as a sharp half baked warri naija guy, I decided to play a fast one, instead of ordering an Uber taxi, I quickly took the back gate of my office complex, and quickly walked to the busy road side to wait for the usual El Rufai Bus(the long painted buses around Abuja), the one that will convey me to my destination.

O boy, I was feeling very excited knowing very well that I will pocket home nothing less than 5000naira that faithful day. Offcourse my office gave me 6,500naira for a taxi fare. If have to take a public/shared transport, I will only spend a total sum of not more than 1000naira to and fro.

Just within minutes, the bus landed and I quickly boarded. I sat very close to a a fully loaded woman( this kind of women that looks very bling bling, with all sorts of rings in there hands,) more like some of this Abuja women. We exchange pleasantries and every one maintained their lane. Me I no send person, I just dey bone my face, focus on my destination. With my rumple suit wear which was the after effect of my illegal back gate exit at my office premises.

So the journey continued and this Abuja woman, beaconed on the driver and indicated that she want to drop at the next bus stop. I paved way for her and she highlighted immediately. As I quickly sat down to continue my journey, I noticed an object close to my sit, I took a second look at it and found out it was some pieces of naira currency. This must be the Abuja woman’s money, so I quickly looked up if I could find the woman, but the bus was far gone. My mind started playing some tricks on me, if to call on the driver or the conductor to draw their attention to the money I just found on the sit. My other half baked warri mind said, this is my day, take the money and add it up to the little i will make today.

So I summered courage, picked up the currency notes, counted it, and it was 5,000naira. O boy, I don hammer, my greedy mind jumped for joy. The extra 5000naira I will make from my errands and again this new 5,000naira I just found in the public bus transport, Indeed this is a shower of blessing from God. After the supposed delivery at the Federal Ministry, I quickly proceeded to a local food vendor around that complex to relax myself before going back to office.

Bros, na all man for himself.

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