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A 51-yr-old man shoots 5 fellow workers, and shoot self during shooting spree

A horrible shooting scene played out in a brewery complex in the US state of Wisconsin when an employee opened gun fire on Wednesday, killing no fewer than five of his fellow workers before shooting himself in a shocking shooting spree.
Wisconsin police confirmed  that the gunman from the city of Milwaukee was identified as a 51-year-old man who later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“There were five individuals who went to work today, just like everybody goes to work, and they thought they were going to go to work, finish their day and return to their families. They didn’t – and tragically they never will,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.
 “It is a horrible, horrible day for the employees here,” Barrett told reporters.
“A very rough day for anyone who is close to this situation,” he added.
President Donald Trump addressed the shooting before speaking at the White House with reporters;  
“Our hearts break for them and their loved ones,” the president said. “We send our condolences. We’ll be with them, and it’s a terrible thing, a terrible thing,” Trump said on Wednesday.

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