Ten Reasons You Should Love Williams Uchemba

1.  Post Date: Septembet 30th 2019
  1. He runs a charity foundation

Williams Uchemba charity foundation
 Perhaps the top reason you should love Williams Uchemba is because of the fact that he runs a charity organization. A lot of us know how it feels to have no hoe and to have someone sweep in and save the day and this is exactly what Williams does. His foundation named the Williams Uchemba foundation is geared towards struggling Nigerians. The aim of the charity organization is to give hope to those who have none. Williams is not financed by anyone and uses his own money to perform these kind deeds. Although many have criticized him for letting people know that he gives, I strongly believe that if you run a foundation, you should publicize it so that people are inspired to give as well.
  1. He gives to street-hawkers

 In several viral videos, the actor has been viewed going out into the street and giving. He picks out benefactors based on luck. He usually wears nothing more than a shirt, jeans, and shoes and gets into the serious work on giving. On several occasions, he doesn’t just give. He takes it a step further and converses with these people. Often, we forget that hawkers are people like you and me who have just have the misfortune of being born to the harsher realities of life. Williams doesn’t forget. He makes them feel heard, valued, and understood and that is something we should all strive to do.
  1. He once gave even his shoes to a street hawker

 williams uchemba with street hawker

 There’s ‘giving’ and there’s ‘giving in Williams Uchemba’s style’. Do you know that on one of his many giving trips, Williams Uchemba gave everything he had on him including his shoes to a young boy? I am fairly certain that if not that being seen in public shirtless is considered indecent, Williams would have handed him his shirt too. According to Williams, the boy was sitting on the roadside looking tired and hungry and trying to sell his groundnut worth N1,200. For N1,200, a young boy was in the sun all day and had made no headway. Williams took off his shoes and asked him to try them on then gave him about N5,000. It was a truly emotional moment that brought tears to the eyes of many.
  1. He is incredibly funny

 Emotional and serious stuff aside; you have to love Williams Uchemba for something. The man is hilarious. I cannot count how many times his videos have got me laughing to tears. For a man so ‘posh’ he knows how to invoke an accent so hilarious that he would be funny saying virtually anything. For someone with such big goals and aspirations, it is relieving to see that he hasn’t let the world get to him. Do not forget that he is an actor. Williams Uchemba started his acting career pretty early. He is one of Nigeria’s most beloved child stars. I can’t wait to see what other talents the actor has stored inside of him. 
  1. He is resilient, dedicated, and hardworking

As we mentioned before, Williams started his career as a child star. If you didn’t know, he starred in many movies as a child. Some of which were Dorothy My Love, Ojadike, and Journey of the dead. In 2002, Williams bagged the Nigeria Movie Award Best Child Actor for his role in the movie “Oh My Son”. However, he did not stop there. We all know countless of child stars who never grew up to be more than that and ended up depending on past glory. However, Williams proved to be different. With his resilience, dedication, and hard work, he built a brand out of himself. 
  1. He values education

williams uchember education
Williams Uchemba is obviously a man that values hard work. Despite the fact that he was making enough money from his acting career, the young man went on to the university level. In Nigeria, growing numbers of people are deciding that “Education is a scam.” However, he obviously doesn’t share that sentiment as he went on to have his tertiary education at The University of Nsukka, Nigeria where he bagged a degree in International Relations. 
  1. He reunited a mother with her family

williams Uchemba reunite
 One of the many people Williams blessed with his benevolence was an old woman whose family had been torn apart due to lack. The woman was even in a wheelchair. Williams Uchemba stepped in, rehomed them all, and even gave them financial aid. The woman was heavy with emotion as she thanked the young actor for being a godsend and frankly, we all were too. 
  1. He enrolled 272 kids in school

. Remember when we spoke about Williams loving education. Well, that wasn't the height of it, apparently. The actor went on to put in 272 children in school. Now, think about that for a moment and let that sink. The financial responsibility must have been outstanding but the actor did it. Those 272 children now have a higher chance in life than they did before thanks to Williams Uchemba. The joy on their faces as they held books that were theirs was definitely one of the reasons he did it. 
  1. He re-homed a whole family

 williams Uchemba with a  with family
Williams is obviously in the family-uniting business. Recently, the comedian got to know of a family torn apart due to finances. The children were many and unkept and the man himself looked to have gone through the harsher sides of life. Williams Uchemba was once again available and rehomed the whole family. They were finally able to have a good roof of their own above their heads. The family was lade with emotion as they thanked Williams, and frankly, so were we.

  1. He loves his country
 One major reason you have to love Williams Uchemba is his love for his country. Rather than having his first degree in a university outside the country, the actor chose to have it here. Even upon his exit from the country, Williams has never shied away from identifying with us despite the bad image that some people have given us. Rather he shows his love for Nigerians. Most of his fans are even Nigerians. Lastly, even in Los Angeles, USA where he lives, there are homeless people and even beggars. Yet he comes home to Nigeria to help his own. We have no doubt that as he becomes more successful, citizens of LA will also benefit. 78. 79. We are truly grateful to have someone like Williams Uchemba as a citizen of our country. It is amazing that he gives willingly and frequently. A lot of people criticize him for letting people know he gives but I for one have been inspired to give by him and that is more important. If your gibing can inspire someone to give, you are definitely on the right track.

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