Jama Life Global Helpers

Jama Life Global Helpers is an online and offline network marketing organization and was born out of the need to build up people financially all across the globe to the point of experiencing high quality life in all areas of living. The founding members of jamalife are all networkers who have experienced different kinds of connections all over the world.
JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL limited is a genuine company that has made many of its worldwide participants rich.

In other words, to join jamalifehelper networking business, you must be a registered member alongside with some amount of money, draw people under year and as well build a tree. it’s very fast in as much as you have an active internet connection you are good to go.
In addition, There are 8 stages in JAMALIFE namely; Builder, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Crown Diamond, Ambassador and Crown Ambassador. we shall begin to look at them in turns below.

1.    Builder
·         As a new member, you will have to register as a Builder with just $5 dollars which is 2000 Naira in the local currency.
·         Refer two members to the company and they will have to register with the same $5 dollars (2000 Naira) each.
·         In this stage, JAMALIFE will pay you 50 cent for each of your direct down-liners, which is 1 dollar.
·         The direct down-liners will have to invite two new members each.
·         You will earn 50 cents from these second generation down-liners, which will be total of 50 cent x 4= 2 dollars.
·         In this stage, you earn a total of 3 dollars which is equivalent to 1200 naira and you automatically promoted to the next stage called “sapphire”.

2.    Sapphire
·         When your first generation down-liners finish the stage one, you will earn a total of 21 dollars (8400 Naira) then you will be automatically promoted to the stage three.

3.    Ruby
·         Here you earn the total of 140 dollars (56,000 Naira) when your immediate down-liners finish the stage two and you will be automatically promoted to the stage four.

4.    Emerald
·         You will earn 770 dollars (308,000 Naira) when your immediate down-liners finish stage three and you will be promoted to stage five.

5.    Diamond
·         In this stage, you earn 3500 dollars (1,400,000 Naira) when your immediate down-liners finish stage four and you will be promoted to stage six.
·         You will also receice non cash incentive like : Phone, Laptop & Household gadgets worth $1,000
6.    Crown Diamond
·         You earn 11,200 dollars (4,400,000 Naira) when your immediate down-liners must have finished stage five you will as well promoted to level seven.
·         You will also receive non cash incentive Like: Mini SUV car worth $13,000

7.    Ambassador
·         This the second to the highest stage and you will earn $56,000 (22,400,000 Naira) and a vehicle worth of $50,000 (20,000,000 Naira), you are automatically promoted to the highest stage which is eight when your immediate down-liners must have finished stage six.
·         You will also receive a non cash incentive of :- 1.Choice jeep car worth $50000

2. Travel & Tours worth $10,000

8.    Crown Ambassador
·         This the highest stage where you earn $20000 whenever each of your down-liners is promoted to the level of Crown Ambassador making it $280,000 (112,000,000 Naira) and a House worth of $30,000 (120,000,000 Naira), also a Range Rover worth of $170,000 (68,000,000 Naira).

Advantages for joining JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL Limited
·         Dollar rate of $1 (#400)
·         Over 400 thousand worth of food voucher at Shoprite.
·         Free gifts like mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, etc.
·         One time registration fee of #2000 ($5) only.
·         Multiple accounts allowed.

How to register or join jamalife
1.    log on the jamalife website : www.jamalifehelpersglobal.com
2.    on top of the right hand side of the page you will see login and join To register a new member
3.    click “join” It brings you a Form to fill
After registering with Jamalife Helpers Global by following the above instruction on how to apply, you will receive an email…containing your login details. for the first time, it will require you to change your default password….change it…and make it easy for you to remember.
1.    On the next page, click Ewallet
2.    click ‘funds transfer
3.    then create​ an e-wallet password.
4.    Click on ‘sign up’ to register your recruits. where you need to Fill up all blank spaces then accept terms and conditions the click on ‘continue registration’ to​ complete the registration.

NOTE: That your e-wallet password is what you are going to use to withdraw your earnings and transfer dollars within members. and never compromise your E-wallet password.

Benefit of Joining Our Team
We will automatically assign and recruit new members under you.
You will get to the next stage at a faster pace.

If interested and would love to join, kindly send us a mail to : premiumsoccerng@gmail.com 


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