How to attach a downloadable PDF file to your Blogger blog post

1. You must have a file to upload first.

2. If you're on Blogger, you already have a Gmail or Google account. Go to
Sign in if you haven't already.

3. To upload your file. See My Drive? Click and select "Upload files..."

4. Go to correct folder where your file resides and select file.

5. A upload wizard appears on right hand side. See image below. When upload is complete, click on pdf and it will open.

6. Within the pdf, you will see this symbol which looks like a person+. Click on it.

7. Click "Advanced" to get more options.

8. Click "Change" to modify access. Note that at this point, this pdf is "Private - Only you can access".

9. Select the access you desire. Mine is a free tute so I choose "Public on the web". If I want to restrict it to only people I share the link with, then I would choose "Anyone with the link". Click Save.

10. Clicking Save on previous screen will take you back to this screen below. Here is where you can grab the link (just click on the link and right click copy) you need to put in your blog post. Notice you can also share on gmail, Google+, facebook and twitter. Note the access has changed to "Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and view." (because this was what I selected)

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