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UAE moving to take unlawful control of Socotra island

A news source has uncovered in detail of moves of UAE in the animosity coalition against Yemen driven by Saudi Administration, just to illicitly control the most vital and biggest islands of Yemen on Indian Sea. 

The data uncovers the precarious arrangements of UAE in Socotra Islands which is human, military and political and in addition the control of coasts and terrains of shorelines having key area. 

The source, who talked on states of obscurity, said that Abu Dhabi has through multi-mission assigns as of now involved the Island and it has pulled in more authorities, dignitaries and sheikhs in various ways where 'political cash' is first. 

The source additionally included that the UAE has prevailing with regards to purchasing loyalties of powerful figures in the Island by enticing them with cash and extravagance autos, notwithstanding sorting out visits and outings to Abu Dhabi to meet with Crown Prince Mohammd bin Zayed

The most essential of the guests as per source is the Legislative head of the Island, and various authorities of neighborhood specialist and different identities including the Leader of 'Southern Development'  who is currently visiting UAE. 

The source did not rule out the ambitions of UAE in converting Island as an important center of influence in Yemen for Gulf of Aden and Qarn al-Africa.

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