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Turkey President Erdogan Issues Arrest Warrants Against Dozens Of Judges In Turkey

Turkey has issued arrest warrants for 23 judges and prosecutors who are blamed for having a place with a terrorist organization

The news comes after a further 4,238 judges and prosecutors were sacked for alleged Gulen links since the fizzled  July 15 coup a year ago, which brought about Erdogan announcing a highly sensitive situation in the nation and vowing to arraign judges, writers and activists who scrutinized his administration. 

Since the failed coup, Erdogan has been allowed extended forces taking after a choice in April, which commentators say have made him an oppressive pioneer never going to budge on crushing the individuals who set out to censure him. 

Anadolu news office said the warrants were issued for 17 judges and six prosecutors for "participation in a armed terror organization." reports:

They are suspected of being followers of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen who the government says is behind the July 15 coup attempt.
Gulen denies involvement in the coup.
Two judges were detained while working.
The suspects are among the 107 judges and prosecutors dismissed from public service Friday.
Since the declaration of a state of emergency last summer, more than 4,200 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed, an estimated 100,000 sacked from other public posts and more than 47,000 people arrested.

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