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Pakistan Military agrees to send 5,000 troops to US-Saudi aggression coalition!

Islamabad consented to send 5,000 troops joining with US-Saudi hostility coalition, as indicated by the Wall Street Journal report citing a Pakistani authority. 

The data source said Pakistan consented to send 5,000 troops to shield Saudi southern areas against assaults by the Yemeni armed force and Mainstream powers. 

Saudis understood that they couldn't depend on the United States in their hostility against Yemen, so it swung to nations that have an armed force. 

Pakistani media revealed, as per senior authorities, the troopers will be conveyed in the Saudi southern fringes with Yemen. 

There are at present 1200 Pakistani fighters to prepare Saudi armed force, as indicated by the report. 

Pakistani media asserted that the part of the Pakistani troops is to ensure strong protection of Saudi army bases against Yemeni assaults and repulse any attacks.

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