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Nigeria’s Presidents meets with the 82 freed schoolgirls

Nigeria's Leader Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday night met with the 82 schoolgirls as of late liberated by Boko Haram, guaranteeing them of the administration's responsibility regarding their persistent training and welfare. 

Buhari depicted the young ladies' opportunity as a "wonderful commemoration blessing" to Nigerians, a reference for the second commemoration of his swearing as president on May 29. 

"I am exceptionally satisfied to have actually met you and let me guarantee you that the Administration will by and by regulate the execution of those endowed with your welfare and responsibilities made by the Government on your wellbeing, instruction, security and general prosperity," as indicated by portions of his discourse discharged by his office. 

Journalists were prohibited from the meeting clearly to shield the young ladies from media interviews or unnecessary presentation. Amnesty International had before on Sunday approached the administration to bar access to the young ladies. 

Buhari additionally swore to guarantee that the staying 113 young ladies still in bondage - and each other Nigerian being held by the activists - are liberated and rejoined with their families, as indicated by the passages. 

He likewise expressed gratitude toward the security offices, all the non-profit associations, including the Red Cross, and nearby experts who he said were key in the arrangements that finished in the young ladies' freedom

An aggregate of 276 schoolgirls had been captured from their residences the evening of April 14, 2014 from northeastern Chibok town. Approximately 57 of the young ladies gotten away from their captors on that night, three were safeguarded through armed force operations while 21 were liberated last October through arrangements. 

With the 82 discharged on Saturday, the count of the young ladies who have recaptured their freedom comes to 163, leaving 113 still with their captors, as indicated by figure given by the #BringBackOurGirls' development.

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