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ISIS Fighters Regret Attacking Israel And Have 'Apologized', Former Defense Minister Says

Contenders faithful to the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) have apologized for propelling an assault on Israeli powers a year ago in the questioned Golan Statures area, as indicated by Israel's former defense minister

Moshe Yaalon, who filled in as leader of the Israeli Ministry of Defense from 2013 until his acquiescence in 2016, made the comment Saturday while talking with a reporter of Israel's Channel 10 media outlet in the northern city of Afula. The ex-defense minister, who likewise filled in as head of staff for the Israeli military, was clearly referencing an assault last November by the ISIS-subsidiary Khalid ibn al-Walid Armed force on Israeli units in the Syrian Golan Statures. Israeli reacted by propelling airstrikes on the activists' position, murdering four, and Ya'alon said ISIS has since said sorry for the attack.

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