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Approximately 3000 Tunisian terrorists in various countries-- Tunisian Interior Minister

Tunisian Interior Minister has declared that 3000 Terrorist, Tunisian nationals, are working with active terrorist groups in beset nations in the Middle East and Africa. 

"Roughly 60 percent of Tunisian nationals are battling in Syria, 30 percent are in Libya and the rest are in other grieved nations," said the Tunisian Interior Minister Alhadi Almajdoub in the parliament. 

Interior Minister declared that 760 Tunisians were murdered in conflicts in beset nations, up until this point. 

Almajdoub announced several Tunisian terrorists returned to their nation. He stated: "around 800 Tunisians who battled in grieved nations came back to Tunisia that 190  of them were detained and 137 of them are under house capture and 55 individuals were slaughtered in the armed conflict within the country." 

Almajdoub expressed: "since 2013, Tunisian Interior Ministry has averted more than 27 thousand individuals from leaving the nation for joining terrorists groups. 860 groups which dispatched terrorists abroad were distinguished and were broken down."

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