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US Warship fires dozens of Tomahawks at Syria military base near Homs, Trump cites ’Assad’s chem attack’

The US has propelled 50 to 60 Tomahawk rockets against the Syrian army installation near Homs after President Donald Trump requested the strikes accordingly for the compound assault in Idlib, faulting the episode for President Bashar Assad. 

US ships positioned in the Mediterranean Ocean supposedly propelled the strike on Syria's Shayrat airbase on Thursday night neighborhood time. 

US President Donald Trump talked from his Blemish a-Lago resort taking after the airstrikes, blaming Assad for utilizing nerve gas that slaughtered regular citizens in Idlib. 

Calling it a "targeted on military strike," Trump said the Homs landing strip was the place the synthetic gas assault not long ago started from. 

Trump portrayed the assault as safeguarding an "indispensable national security intrigue" and called upon "edified countries" to help end the "butcher and carnage in Syria." 

"There can be no question that Syria utilized prohibited compound weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention, and disregarded the urging of the UN security board," Trump said. "A long time of past endeavors at changing Assad's conduct have all fizzled and bombed drastically." 

Fifty-nine US Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles were propelled from the US warships USS Watchman and USS Ross from the Eastern Mediterranean Ocean, Pentagon representative Skipper Jeff Davis said in an announcement. Davis included that "remarkable measures" were taken "to evade non military personnel losses," and that "each insurance was taken" to limit the "hazard to work force at the landing strip."

The Pentagon has released photos of Tomahawk missiles, showing the moment they were being launched from the US warships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to Syria.

Speaking live on Al-Mayadeen TV, the governor of Homs province Talal Barazi said that there were dead and injured in the strike on airbase. The number of casualties was not immediately clear.
Barazi said said American strike at the Syrian army installation was helping terrorist forces.
“Syrian leadership and Syrian policy will not change,” Talal Barazi said in a phone interview with state television, as cited by Reuters. “This targeting was not the first and I don't believe it will be the last.”
Syria’s state SANA news agency cited a military source on the ground as confirming the strike and claiming that it resulted in casualties.
The airfield was allegedly targeted after the US blamed the Syrian military for the chemical incident in Idlib, in which dozens of civilians died from suspected gas poisoning in the rebel-occupied territory. Up to 86 people, including 26 children, are alleged to have been killed. Several Western states have immediately pinned the blame on Assad’s forces, while Russia said Syrian jets bombed a warehouse where chemical weapons were being produced.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has accused Russia of failing to carry out the 2013 agreement to secure Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, claiming Moscow was either incompetent or complicit. However, the responsibility to remove and destroy the weapons was never laid on Moscow. The Organization for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was charged with the task and has been verifying that Damascus kept its part of the bargain jointly with the UN.
Tillerson claimed that the US had high degree of confidence that sarin gas has been used in the alleged chemical attack. He did not offer explanation as to why the people responding to the incident were apparently not affected by sarin despite not wearing any protection gear, as footage released by the activists suggested.
Video footage allegedly capturing the moment of the strike has emerged on social media, reportedly filmed by a resident near Shayrat airbase. Repeated loud noises, allegedly from explosions, can be heard in the video and bright sparks are seen moving across the dark sky.

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