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Shiites protest in Nigeria Capital City 'Abuja' to mark El-Zakzaky's 500th day in confinement

Many individuals from the Islamic Development in Nigeria, IMN, on Wednesday arranged a protest at the Solidarity Wellspring in the Government Capital Region, Abuja, to mark the 500th day since Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky was captured. 

Individuals from the gathering walked in particular male and female sections along the roadside from the occasion point to the primary passage of the National Assembly, requesting the prompt release of their pioneer. 

Sheik Zakzaky and his better half were captured on December 14, 2015, after a blody crack down on Shias by the Nigerian Armed force in Zaria, Kaduna State. 

The Executive, Martyrs Foundation  of IMN, Abdullhamid Bello, issued an announcement on the event. 

"As Sheik Zakzaky clocks 500 days of outlandish confinement, we turn out in our numbers to calmly demonstrate our disappointment with the way the administration of President Buhari has been taking care of the subject of Zaria slaughter that was led by the Armed force under his definitive summon", he said in the announcement. 

"This was what prompted the Sheik's ridiculous detainment in any case, and its aftermaths, including the additional legal murder of over a thousand pure nationals under 48 hours. 

"As Sheik Zakzaky clocks 500 days in this unjustified confinement, we have turned out to show our unflinching sense of duty regarding Sheik's opportunity and equity for every one of those abused continuation of that fierce slaughter. We won't be cowed into quietness by any onerous measure this administration will utilize", he expressed.

Mr. Bello recalled that a court had ordered the Nigerian government to release Mr. El-Zakzaky and his wife within 45 days but that the two had remained in the custody of the State Security Service over 100 days after the court order.
“The Nigerian Army that has committed this horrible massacre in Zaria remains unpunished and has even chosen not to investigate what it did between 12-14 December, 2015, as it recently inaugurated an investigative panel on accusations of human rights abuses against the army.
“What is the Army hierarchy afraid of that it can’t even dare investigate a serious allegation of coldblooded killing of over 1000 civilians in Zaria?”
Mr. Bello appealed to Nigerians and the international community to prevail on the Nigerian government to release the IMN leader and his wife alongside members of the group unconditionally without delay.

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