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Kenya military kills 52 al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

The Kenyan military early Friday killed 52 al-Shabaab aggressors in Badhaadhe locale in southern Somalia, military representative Col. Joseph Owuoth affirmed in an announcement. 

Owuoth said that Kenya Defense Forces fighters working under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) assaulted an al-Shabaab camp at around 1 a.m. East African Time (2200GMT on Thursday). 

"The underlying appraisal demonstrates that 52 terrorists  were murdered, while others fled with wounds," Col. Owuoth said. 

He included that Kenyan soldiers  seized seven AK-47 rifles, one PK automatic weapon, two telephones, 104 rounds of ammunition, three  improvised explosive devices, and assorted materials used for assembling IEDs. 

The Kenyan military said that the intelligence-led operation was propelled after reconnaissance resources located al-Shabaab terrorist concentration in Lower Juba in Somalia near the Kenyan-Somali outskirt. 

"Ground troops bolstered by mortar and mounted guns terminate were utilized to kill the camp from that point," the announcement included.

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