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Iran government has sanctions 15 US companies over alleged backing of Israeli ‘atrocities’

Tehran has sanctions 15 US firms over their claimed support of Israel and its apparent "abominations" conferred against Palestinians, as per an outside service articulation refered to by the Iranian State Office (IRNA). 

"The authorized organizations have, straightforwardly as well as by implication, been included in the ruthless barbarities conferred by the Zionist administration in the involved Palestinian domains," the announcement stated, as refered to by the news office. 

The asserted activities, Tehran claims, abused UN Security Gathering Determination 2334, which approaches Israel to stop its settlement developments.

As a result, the US companies in question are prohibited from making any deals with Iranian firms, and former and current top management of the companies will not be eligible for Iranian visas.
Among the companies are major US defense contractor Raytheon, Re/Max Real Estate, gun manufacturer Magnum Research, defense and military equipment producer Oshkosh Corporation, and Elbit Systems.
The measure comes after a missile test led the US to introduce sanctions against Iran in February, which Iranian authorities said violated the 2015 nuclear deal between the two countries.
Last month, US President Donald Trump blasted the US-Iran deal on Twitter, warning that he won’t be as “kind as [former US President Barack] Obama.”
“Imposition of new sanctions by the US is based on fabricated and illegitimate pretexts and amount to an action against the international regulations,” Tehran claimed, adding that strengthening its missile system is “enhancement of the country’s defense capabilities” and is not aimed towards aggression.

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