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‘Hands Off Syria Demonstrations’ As Protests Erupt Across US

Dissenters assembled in urban communities over the US and different parts of the world, in show against President Donald Trump's rocket strikes on a Syrian airbase. 

Demonstrators likewise communicated their disdain against Washington's warmongering strategy and said shelling Syria would make considerably more clash, not determination. 

The exhibitions were for the most part serene, yet there were a few conflicts with police and a few captures. 

Anti-war demonstrations  shows have been arranged this end of the week for 50 urban areas over the US.

Press TV reports:

Protesters in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, on Friday chanted slogans against Trump’s controversial order and showed their support for the Syrian people.
Activists in New York had signs denouncing the bombing, including placards that read “Bombing Syria doesn’t protect people, it KILLS THEM” and “NO! In the name of humanity, we refused to accept a fascist America.”
The demonstrators also expressed their resentment against Washington’s warmongering policy and said bombing Syria would create even more conflict, not resolution.
“It’s only going to escalate the violence,” Martin Jennings, a protester, told local media. “I’m really concerned about the future of the Syrian people.”
Some protesters said they did not believe Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind Tuesday’s suspected chemical attack and said intervention would only make things worse.
“Get out of Syria, stop interfering, and let the people of Syria decide for themselves,” protester Greg Butterfield said.
At least two people were arrested in New York City while another four were rounded up in Jacksonville, Florida.
Anti-war demonstrations have been planned for 50 cities across the US for the weekend.
The US military launched 59 cruise missiles on the al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province in the early hours of Friday.
Trump said the operation was in response to the chemical attack in Idlib province. The Syrian government has strongly denied responsibility for that attack.
In London, the British anti-war campaign group Stop the War Coalition took to the streets of Westminster to protest the US airstrikes.
In a message posted to the group’s Facebook page, the organization said, “The Stop the War Coalition​ condemn​s Donald Trump’s decision to launch attacks against Syrian targets.”

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