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US Inches Nearer To War With Russia

The U.S. military reported that they had started a "noteworthy" hostile in Raqqa, Syria, the accepted ISIS capital. 

The declaration on Sunday would prepare for Hillary Clinton to announce a no-fly zone in upper east Syria should she be chosen president.. also, a no fly zone will require going to war with Syria and Russia. 

Rinf reports: 

Around 30,000 contenders will take part in the U.S.- drove operation. The gathering anticipated that would do the main part of the battling is the Kurdish Individuals' Security Units, or the YPG. The YPG is the military expansion of the Kurdistan Specialists Party (PKK), a gathering that is on the U.S. fear mongering list. 

(It is not known whether U.S. authorities were gotten some information about the guile of pronouncing the PKK a fear based oppressor amass while in the meantime working with them in the district.) 

The U.S. will first endeavor to close Raqqa before wandering into the city itself – activities that administration authorities say won't be finished preceding Barack Obama leaving office. 

"We generally publicized that the disengagement stage (of Raqqa) will take months," Joint Head of Staff Executive Joseph Dunford was cited as saying on Sunday. 

The declaration makes ready for Hillary Clinton to pronounce a no-fly zone in northeastern Syria after entering the Oval Office. 

A no-fly zone would "oblige us to go to war against Syria and Russia," Danford told the Senate in September. 

In talking about no-fly zones on Friday, Green Gathering presidential hopeful Jill Stein said, "for us to pronounce a no-fly zone implies prepare for war with Russia." In a different meeting, Stein said, "this is a mushroom cloud holding up to happen."

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