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Love Poems Collection (part 12)


Though there be no more stars in the sky,
Though the Moon pales behind the bizarre mountain,
Though the shadows creep upon the face of the deep,
Though the evening wind hides at the foot of the valley,
Though there be no more candles in the hallway.

Though the flowers fade away and the scents depart,
Though the birds cease to sing
and dry leaves prevail over the land,
I will love you still,
……..till the end of forever.


Why roses grow among thorns
Why lilies thrive in floods,
Why the evening wind combs through the pasture,
I understand.

Why kisses unlock world,
Why a maiden’s tits, are the worst of ills,
I understand.

But why my heart is restless and my soul breathless,
all the time I think about you,
I understand not.

I understand not why
For every gaze there is a daze,
For every touch there is a tease,
And for every memory of you,
There is a melody.
I understand not!!!


My heart melts
My soul speaks of dancing shores,
When the trespasses of your thoughts,
Upon me prevail.

The moon reflects your face,
And my eyes behold the secrets
That your gaze divulges.

I dream with my eyes open,
I see the colors of your charm in the breeze,
I smell the fragrance of desire stretch through the air,
When you are by my side.

I shiver, I tremble, I feel breathless,
When into your waiting arms I slid.

But my melody is gone too soon,
When you are gone.
There is no rhythm.
Life is without spirit.
Thus you are my Sun, my shade;
My finale assignation, my goddess!


I am autumn’s breath
Whispering in the deep,
Charming the forest with tales of your trespasses.

I am the pine
Full of your intrusions,
Immersed in the sound of your beckoning football.

I have appeared before you in paradise.
I have broken all ties with this world,
That you may be in my world forever.

I am the flame of your candle.
I chart the path to that place
Where the moon-light dwells,
To that place where the rays of the sun birthed our soul.

I am the spring.
I sit under a dense tree.
I beckon.
But you answer me not.

Are you not written in my destiny?
Is your secret not etched on the lines of my palms.
That you may be in my world forever.



When the light is cold and quiet,
When the moon leaves her footprint
On the bush path,

When the midnight wind whispers a chorus,
And the lone star plays mischief on the wood,

When the lonely river murmurs to the shadows,
And the Nightingale charms the tree top with her tale.

When the darkly shadows hums a tune in the dark
And the sweet smell of trampled roses,
Choke the night in delight.

When there is ecstasy in the air,
And veils adorn the faces,
…….it is my heart that is calling out to you!


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