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Kanye West Narrowly Escaped Death After A Shooting Ordeal At The Hospital

Kanye West survived an attempt to kill he by a shooter who broke into his doctor's facility room at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Restorative Center. 

An outfitted man was seen escaping Kanye's room "soon after 3am on Tuesday," as per a healing center source, after Kanye's security detail came back from a break. 

Kanye West, intensely medicated, told his bodyguard that the man had a weapon and was going to murder him. The 39-year-old rapper claims he knows who the shooter was – and more to the point, who sent him. 

"The person knew where his room was. It is highly unlikely he could have known this on the off chance that he didn't have inside data." 

"Kanye says he knows it's identity, he remembered him, and he knows who sent him." 

Kanye has been held in the psychiatric unit since Monday a week ago in the wake of talking his brain in front of an audience in San Jose, getting out the forces that be – including Google, Twitter, Facebook, prevailing press, Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z – and blamed them for controlling people in general and misleading them. 

"Jay-Z I know you got executioners, kindly don't send them at my head." 

Hours after the fact Kanye West was bound and systematized without wanting to. The official line is that Kanye was experiencing lack of hydration and lack of sleep, however healing center insiders have gone on the record saying the issues are a great deal more confused. 

The accord is that specialists are endeavoring to re-program the off-script star. They are working for Kanye's handlers. The candid star, never perplexed of dropping truth bombs, has devoted the most recent year to comprehension world class control structures – and he can never again be trusted to play the diversion by their tenets. 

Kanye has been limited and sedated all week as specialists keep dealing with his mind. Be that as it may, he is declining to acknowledge that he is harried, rather asserting that he is talking reality. He is "demonstrating impervious to the treatment" and his curiously long remain in the psychiatric unit known for big name MK Ultra programming will proceed until his handlers are persuaded he is no more extended a risk to them. 
Kanye is being hushed. There are many vocations on hold ought to Kanye keep giving everything away about the foundation. Despite the fact that he is still a feasible ware in media outlets, he trusts he is going to be "star whacked", telling healing facility staff that he "realizes what they got arranged." 


Extend MKUltra – otherwise called the CIA's mind control program – is the code name given to the administration program that started in 1947 under the code name Operation Paperclip. It's not the most terrible sounding name for an administration extend set on controlling the psyches of the general population, yet trust it when we let you know, this stuff is spooky. 

As more data about MK Ultra casualties got to be distinctly declassified, more paranoid notions developed, particularly about compelling superstars who individuals accepted were under MK Ultra personality control. 

Kanye's example of conduct matches the format of a MK Ultra-d star, and however he may oppose the mind control more than most, he knows he has two options – submit to the business, or be taken out. Right now his destiny is questionable.

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