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Foreign affairs spokesman for South Sudan condems US proposal to impose sanctions

The South Sudanese government on Friday rejected United States' require an arms ban and endorses on the war-torn nation. 

The U.S. government's call is undermining the peace procedure, a South Sudan outside undertakings representative Diplomat Mawien Makol Ariik said. 

He marked the U.S. move as a "twofold standard", which if endorsed by the UN would confine the stream of weapons to the Juba-based administration. "We see no sense for an arms ban and endorses since we are focused on the peace procedure; it is [the revolt leader] Riek Machar as yet calling for war and somebody ought to scrutinize the remain of American government here," Ariik said. 

On Thursday, the U.S. had campaigned the UN Security Gathering to force a ban and focused on authorizations on South Sudan, repelling Russian complaints, in an offer to stop the three-year long considerate war on the planet's most youthful country. 

American Perpetual Delegate to the UN, Samantha Control, had told the Committee: "In the coming days, the Assembled States will advance a proposition to force an arm ban on South Sudan and focused on assents on the people who have been the greatest spoilers to accomplish enduring peace," 

The move came after the UN extraordinary counselor sounded an alert of an approaching genocide in South Sudan. 

Censuring America's choice to force an arm ban, Russia on Thursday demanded that an arms ban would not help and portrayed any authorizations as "the stature of flippancy." 

Russia's Delegate Lasting Agent Petr Iliichev said any new corrective measures would make it considerably harder for Joined Countries peacekeepers to work. China communicated reservations and proposed reasonable approach on approvals. 

South Sudan slipped into confusion two years in the wake of picking up autonomy from Sudan. The contention in the nation, which started as a political wrangle inside the decision Sudan Individuals' Freedom Development (SPLM) between President Salva Kiir and his sacked agent Riek Machar, has so far guaranteed a huge number of lives, removal of 2.4 million others and torn the youthful country along ethnic lines.

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