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Anti Trump protests have spilled To Red States, Canada, UK & Israel

Against Trump challenges have overflowed from blue state fortifications like Portland, Washington and Los Angeles to red states like Kentucky that conveyed Trump to control. 

Hundreds rioted in Louisville, Kentucky, the previous evening, in a dissent called "Not My Leader, Say No To Trump, Say No To Bigotry." Droning "dark lives matter" and "my body, my decision," and conveying signs that read "Not My Leader" and "Make America Keen Once more," an uproarious yet serene group assumed control over the city's focal business locale, the Messenger Diary reports. 

Hundreds more nonconformists ringed Trump Tower in Vancouver that night, the CBC reports, holding signs perusing "Manufacture generosity, not dividers," "Glad supporter of affection," "Make America safe once more" and "Partiality executes." 

The expansive letters illuminating Trump's name over the tower's principle hypnotize had been canvassed in blue sheeting and a fence closed off access to the building. 

Steve Cucuzza, Another Yorker going to Canada, said however he wasn't expecting a challenge in another nation, he wasn't amazed. 

Challenges have occurred outside the US international safe haven in London, where hundreds accumulated to ask the US to "Dump Trump" and serenade against supremacist trademarks. Another challenge was booked for November 11 before the US government office in Israel. 

Trump's structures have been flashpoints for challenges the nation over, with his new Trump Global Lodging in Washington, DC, vandalized amid more mobilizes November 9. 

Trump reacted to the dissents late November 10 in a tweet, saying, "Simply had an extremely open and fruitful presidential decision. Presently proficient dissenters, actuated by the media, are challenging. Exceptionally uncalled for!" 

Before the decision day, Trump had recommended he won't not acknowledge the last results, suggesting the race may be "fixed."

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