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Syrian Military Has Vowed To Shoot Down Any Turkish War Planes Entering It's Airspace

The notice comes about a day after Turkish warplanes besieged positions of the General population's Assurance Units (YPG) in northern Syria, killing up to 200 Kurdish contenders. 

The Syrian Resistance Service blamed Turkey for "outrageous animosity, which focused on pure subjects," saying that it thinks of it as "a risky improvement that could raise the circumstance." 

Press television reports: 

"Any endeavor to at the end of the day rupture Syrian airspace by Turkish war planes will be managed and they will be brought around all methods accessible," the Syrian armed force general order said in an announcement on Thursday. 

Prior in the day, the Turkish armed force said its planes had directed 26 airstrikes against YPG focuses in Maarrat Umm Hawsh locale north of the beset northwestern Syrian city of Aleppo. 

Turkey's state-run Anadolu news office reported that somewhere around 160 and 200 YPG warriors were killed in the strikes on Wednesday night. 

It included that Turkish military airplane devastated nine structures utilized as YPG central command, meeting focuses, safe houses and weapons stations.

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