Khloe Kardashian may take over sister Kim's booty crown as her butt looks more rounder and sexy than ever


Kim Kardashian may have tried to #breaktheinternet by flashing her booty on the cover of Paper magazine, but it's her sister Khloe's rear that has got our attention right now.
The 30-year-old star was seen dressed in a pair of loose-fitting black capri pants and a black long-sleeve top as she headed to a meeting at a Beverly Hills office and her booty definitely caught our eye.
It's usually her older sister's Kim's curve that is the talk of the town, but Khloe is joining Kim in the rump stakes.
It was only a few months ago that mother-of-one Kim slammed Khloe's weight, insisting that her little sister needed to slim down.

“Khloe’s ass is so big…like she’s got to like lose a couple lbs,” she told Kourtney and a shocked Scott Disick on the family's reality show.
Scott is then heard saying: “What? You guys are famous for big butts! You guys lose your butts, we may all lose our money!”
But Kim appeared to be 'over' having big butts, as she said: “I don’t care. I want a flat ass now.”
Last year Khloe revealed how she'd managed to lose over 30lbs as she told Cosmopolitan: “My entire life I’ve struggled with my weight and I’ve tried probably every diet fad or quick fix and as soon as you eat food again it all comes back on. So I’ve made a choice just to go to the gym and be healthy – I still eat what I want.
She said: “I still have a glass of champagne, I don’t deprive myself. And I feel like you just have to make certain lifestyle changes. It is about consistency. It took me about a year to lose 30lb and I think that’s a healthy way to do it.
“If I dieted, I’m sure it would be faster but I don’t have that much discipline.”

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