Bobbi Kristina Brown 's death was her "own doing"--- Nick Gordon says

Nick Gordon has claimed that Bobbi Kristina Brown 's death was her "own doing" as he opened up on the passing of her and her mum Whitney Houston. 

Speaking out in a tell-all interview with the Sun on Sunday, he said:

"What happened to Krissy was Krissy’s own doing, sad as it is. I didn’t get to go to my fiancee’s funeral. There’s a lot of regret there.

"On the day I went to the beach and watched the waves. It was something she liked to do and I talked to her and I cried.”"She wasn't breathing so I gave her mouth-to-mouth. Three minutes in she spat out some water and that motivated me to keep going.
"It was the hardest and saddest thing I have ever done."


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