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Report says--- A Military ship that is being built in St. Petersburg caught fire

Mine defence ship George Kurbatov, that is currently under construction in Saint-Petersburg, caught fire.

As it was reported on the website of the regional emergency department, the inner trim of the ship, that is being built in the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard in St. Petersburg, is on fire. This is the “order number 522” of the Ministry of Defence, the message says. As clarifies, a minesweeper George Kurbatov of a displacement of 890 tons is being built under this number.
According to the Ministry of Emergency, the message about the fire came at 19:30 MSK, and the firefighters arrived at the scene 5 minutes later. After a half an hour, the fire was promoted to the rank 2, and by 20:10 – to the rank 3. The burning area was estimated at 600 square meters. As reported in the Ministry, the information about the casualties was not yet received, and the pollutants concentration does not exceed the limits.
Mine defense ship Georgy Kurbatov is intended for for the Russian Navy. The construction of the first ship of this series started in April last year. The length of the ship is 61 metres, the width 10.5 metres, and the height 8 metres. As it was stated by the Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov at that time, the ship has the world’s largest monolithic fiber-glass body formed by vacuum infusion.
According to the message of the Defense Ministry to Interfax, the ship was not passed to the Ministry yet. It was at the initial stage of construction, there was no weapons on it, and it was supposed to be sent to the Navy in 2017.
Source: RBC

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