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Racial abuse ---- Brazilian TV crew 'attacked by Germany fans

A Brazilian TV crew covering the UEFA Euro 2016 championships have claimed they were attacked and racially abused by German hooligans in Paris.
Fernando de Henrique Oliveira says he was slapped and his colleague Sonia Blota kicked while working for TV station Bandeirantes.
"I asked him [the fan] not to hit [Sonia] and when we were leaving I heard again, 'Get out, n******,' and took a slap in the face," Oliveira said.
"The pain is not physical, it is moral and psychological. It seems that for the rest of our lives we have to apologize for being black and a minority."
The incident reportedly happened outside the Gare du Nord train station in central Paris on Thursday afternoon.
Euro 2016 has been plagued by violent clashes between rival supporters, with the French Interior Ministry confirming on Thursday that over 300 arrests had been made since the start of the tournament.
Russia was handed a suspended disqualification from the tournament and a €150,000 fine after its supporters clashed with England fans before and during last Saturday's game between the two teams. England was also warned that further fan violence would see the team expelled from the completion.
There were further clashes involving Russia and England fans in Lille earlier this week, while police were forced to use pepper spray on German and Polish hooligans ahead of last night's game in Paris.
Authorities introduced a restriction on alcohol sales and significantly boosted police numbers around Lens and Lille on Wednesday and Thursday.
The tactic appeared to work, with the Press Association reporting no trouble involving England fans on Thursday night.

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