A prostitute hacked off a man's penis and placed it in a paper bag after he refused to pay her for sex.

The 30-year-old man was discovered writhing on the floor in agony with blood streaming from his groin after the sex worker carved off his genitals and fled.

The victim had picked up the sex worker on the streets of Nakuru, Kenya at around 4pm on Monday before taking her back to his flat.

After having sex, the victim, who has not been named, disputed how much he owned, causing the prostitute to fly into a rage,UK Mirror reports...
The row then descended into violence, with the woman slicing off his genitals with a sharp knife before neatly placing them in a black paper bag.

The man was rushed to Nairobi Women's Hospital in Nakuru in a cab after his aunt arrived at the house, having been called by a neighbour, and found him covered in blood screaming for help. 
The cabbie then called the cops after ferrying the bleeding man to hospital, where he is said to be recovering.

Police are now hunting for the sex worker who fled the scene after the grisly attack.
Free Area Chief Stephen Macharia said the victim had been relaxing on his bed after sex when the incident happened.

Macharia told local media: "The victim told me that he picked the woman from the streets but unfortunately they did not agree on payment in exchange for sex only for her to attack him with a sharp knife.
The victim's devastated mum told local media her hopes of seeing her son marry or one day raise a family have been dashed.
Speaking to reporters at the hospital, she said: "I received a phone call from my sister informing me that my son had been stabbed, but she did not explain under which circumstances."
She said: "It is sad because I wanted to see him raise a happy family to continue with our family lineage."

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