Britain prepares it's Royal Navy warship to Libya to tackle arms smugglers trying to get weapons into Europe.

Britain is poised to send a warship to the Mediterranean to tackle arms smugglers trying to get weapons into Europe. 
The Prime Minister told fellow leaders at the G7 summit in Japan that the UK was ready to take an "active leadership role" in building the capacity of  Libya's coastguard to clamp down on smuggling operations.
The UK has this week deployed four military planners to the Rome HQ of the European Union's Operation Sophia mission to tackle people-trafficking in the central Mediterranean, with the goal of preparing a plan to improve the effectiveness of the Libyan coastguard.
The newly established Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli has already requested support from the UK in improving coastguard maritime operations, and it is thought this may soon be followed by a request for international ships to operate in Libyan waters.
If this request is received, the UK will seek the extension of Sophia's mandate, as well as a Security Council resolution at the United Nations enabling its forces to assist in the interception of arms shipments.


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