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TWO OF THREE------part 3”

Just then, the phone rang!!!!!!!

I pushed away from him, my eyes widening. I did not believe what I was about to do. My heart was pounding mercilessly against my ribcage. John looked lost. I reached for my phone to see the caller. It was my husband. My mind danced around a hundred thoughts. Did I want to to take the call? Definitely not! Did I want to give him a piece of my mind? Definitely!

I dropped the phone and raised my head to look at a thoroughly embarrassed John.

Am sorry,,, He began.

No. I’m sorry.” I corrected him.

He gritted his teeth, bit his lips and made for the door without breathing another word.

I took a deep breath, shook my head vigorously, picked up a file and slammed it back. What was I to do?

My phone rang again. This time I was ready to scream at him. Picking the call, I barked rather shrilly, what is it?!  What? Do you want to kill me?
Ehm,,,, Mary. Are you okay? It was Precious.

Goodness Precious, I’m sorry. My voice dropped. I did not even look at the caller ID.

Are you okay? She asked again.

Sure. I thought you were someone else.

Will you be in church today?

Not again. Precious had become a pest with this church thingy. What was it?

Eh…. I’ll be working late. I began but she cut me short.

Mary not today. You have postponed coming to church long enough. Just open up to God.

I began to argue then it hit me. What did I have to lose? If I went home I will meet my husband whom, frankly, I did not want to see again.

Okay I will there.
We celebrate you! The ladies at the entrance of the church called out as they clapped their hands and smiled broadly as I made my way into the church auditorium. The ambience was beautiful. There was something about the atmosphere that felt very different. This was not just gathering. Then the music! I felt heaven deep within me. Why did I not come here earlier?

Soon the preacher came up to speak. As everyone raise their hands to worship and he led with a song, I began to feel something well up within me. In moments, tears began to pour down my face. I felt like I was back home to my father’s house. He began to speak and preach and I thought it was powerful. Then he said something powerful, Ecclessiates 4:12 reminds us that a threefold cord is not easily broken. Can you boast that the bond in your home will not break under pressure? It is good that you and your husband are a team but have you wondered what will happen if you introduce God into the picture?

Your home was not designed to run without God. Let God in “something cut me deep”. I dropped to my knees as he led the church in prayers and confessing the word. I prayed that God will come into our home. I surrendered my heart to Jesus and prayed that my husband would do the same too.
I had never sowed a seed but that night I took all the money I had on me and sowed. I knew there will be a change as I got home. I gave Precious a big hug as church service closed. It was right on time.

As I drove home, I was not sure what to expect but I had made up my mind to stand by my husband and get through this. Shutting the door, I made for the house only to see my bags all packed and my sister-inlaw standing with arms akimbo.

Mary, enough is enough. We thought you would take the hint but since you want everything spelt out for you, Oya come and be going. Leave our brother alone.

Just then my mother in law walked out with another of my boxes and dropped it.

Leave my son’s house. Leave!

My head spun.

To be continued on next part………


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