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Olympics torch starts the journey to Rio

The torch of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has been lit in southern Greece.
Lighting a flame in Olympia has been a ritual since the Games started there in the eighth century before Christ.
An actress performed the role of high priestess, using the sun’s rays to light the torch.
“In these difficult days that Brazil is facing, the flame is a timeless remember that we are all a part of the same humanity. The flame is an ancient symbol of peace and harmony, a symbol of the power of humanity to come together despite our differences,” said Thomas Bach president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
The torch will now be carried all the way to Brazil by some 10,000 runners, in an international relay that will culminate with the Games’ opening ceremony in Rio on the 5th of August.
In a historic move, a team of about 12 refugee athletes from multiple countries will be competing in the Olympics.

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