Taliban Police Arrest Man For Selling 130 Women In Afghanistan

 A yet-to-be identified man has been arrested by the Taliban for allegedly selling dozens of women in northern Afghanistan after duping them into believing they would be marrying into money.

The Taliban provincial police chief, Damullah Seraj while addressing journalists said the man was arrested in northern Jawzjan province late on Monday.

“We are still in our initial stages of the investigation. We hope to find out more about this case later,” he said.

Mohammad Sardar Mubariz, a district police chief in Jawzjan, told AFP the man would target poor women desperate to improve their circumstances.

After saying he would find them a wealthy husband, he would move them to a different province where they were instead sold into servitude.

He allegedly trafficked around 130 women this way.

Crime, nepotism and corruption are not new in Afghanistan but rising poverty is undermining the Taliban government’s claim to legitimacy.

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