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Astronomers reveals the largest rocky planet in the universe

Astronomers have discovered the “stove” constellation, the largest rock planet in the known universe. It is 39 times more than the weight of the earth.
TOI 849b is a bare nucleus, that is, what remains of the gaseous giant that the star ate its gaseous envelope. It is also a world similar to the Earth, whose density is equal to that of the discovered planet.
Planet scientist David Armstrong said that TOI 849b was firstly a Jupiter whose surface covered a large amount of helium and hydrogen.
It is reported that astronomers have discovered in the past few years more than a thousand planets outside the solar system. Most resemble so-called “hot purchases”. But they are all located closer to their stars than the distance between Mercury and the sun.
However, astronomers also discovered smaller planets whose size could be compared to the size of Earth. The growing number of these planets led scientists to think about the possibility of life in them.
Astronomers divide the discovered planets into two types, radically different from each other. The first type belongs to rocky planets whose weight is no more than 10 times the weight of the Earth.
The other species is an aquatic world like Neptune or a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn. Scientists have discovered only a few rocky planets whose mass can be compared to the mass of our Earth.
With regard to the newly discovered TOI 849b planet, it is near a sun-like star, 700 light-years away from Earth, and completes its orbit around its star within just 18 hours. Therefore, the temperature on its surface should not be less than 1500 ° C.
Its density was not less than 5.3 g / cubic centimeter, which is close to the density of our land. It is not excluded that the TOI 849b would be a planet resembling a gas giant or a water world.

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