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The Gulf region will witness a partial eclipse of the sun on June 21

The UAE Space Observatory confirmed that the Arab region will witness a partial solar eclipse of 86% on Sunday, June 21, and the total duration of the eclipse will take approximately 3 hours.
The Observatory noted that “the eclipse will be partially seen from the UAE and the Arab region in general, and some will be ringed in countries such as Sudan, Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman.”
The Executive Director of the “Dubai” astronomy group, Hassan Ahmed Al Hariri, warned that “looking at the sun in cases of eclipse is considered a danger to the human eye, except in the case of using special sun glasses or filters.”
He said: “The reason lies not in the fact that looking at the sun becomes more dangerous during the eclipse, but rather because careful consideration of its rays at all times poses a danger to the retina sensitive to bright light.”
He stressed that the event can be safely monitored with the help of special glasses called “Eclipse glasses”, which are specially designed to view the event.
What is a solar eclipse?
A solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs twice or more every year, and is either molecular, total or annular.
During the eclipse, the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from reaching some areas of our planet. This is called the “eclipse phenomenon.”
Source: Al-Bayan

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