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Nintendo confirms that 140,000 additional accounts were compromised, taking the number to 300,000

After announcing that 160,000 player accounts were compromised last April, Nintendo says 140,000 new accounts have joined the list.
The company Nintendo announced the arrival of the number of players’ hacked accounts within the “NNID” network to 300 thousand accounts, after discovering that 140 thousand new accounts were compromised, after the company’s initial statements about the penetration of 160 thousand accounts last April.
Nintendo says it is its ongoing investigation after the initial accounts were discovered, revealing that another 140,000 accounts were compromised in this massive operation.
The company explained that the process of penetration and account leakage has no direct relationship with the penetration of the company’s servers, but that the process was done by users logging into their accounts on more than one device, and thus the hackers were able to obtain data from them.
This process caused users to leak data such as names, addresses, email addresses, birth dates, and aliases associated with their account.
It also caused hackers to access related PayPal accounts and make purchases using the data they obtained from the accounts.
On the opposite side, the hackers were unable to access the credit card data directly related to the accounts in this process.
As a result, Nintendo completely closed the NNID, and reassured the affected users that they would be financially compensated for the incident.
Source:Nintendo Japan
Source: Technology World

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