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Iran warns of “adverse consequences” of the forthcoming International Atomic Energy Agency resolution

Vienna (AFP)
Iran on Tuesday warned of “adverse consequences” of a decision expected to be proposed at a forthcoming IAEA meeting urging Tehran to allow inspectors access to two sites suspected of harboring undeclared nuclear activities in the past.
European countries are expected to propose the decision at this week’s IAEA Board of Governors meeting.
But Iran’s delegate to the United Nations in Vienna, Kazem Gharib Abadi, said, “The proposal for this decision aimed at inviting Iran to cooperate with the agency … is disappointing and has completely counterproductive results.”
Diplomats say the decision will invite Iran to enable inspectors to enter two sites suspected of having been the scene of nuclear activities in the past. And the IAEA has been trying for months to reach the two sites.
The agency’s director general, Rafael Grossi, called at the beginning of Monday’s meeting, “Iran to cooperate immediately and completely with the agency.”
He acknowledged that there was a “clear disagreement” on the issue of access to the two sites.
While it is not believed that the two sites are directly related to Iran’s current activities, the agency indicates its need to know if all activities belonging to about two decades have been adequately announced and all the materials.
But Gharibabadi warned in a statement on Tuesday that if the resolution was adopted, Iran would have “no choice but to take appropriate measures, which will bear the consequences of the patrons of this type of political and destructive methods,” without disclosing the nature of these measures.

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