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Disneyland Park To Reopen In Mid-July 2020

(AFP) – Disneyland Park announced plans to reopen its doors in California in mid-July, but with a “significantly reduced” capacity.
According to plans requiring approval from the authorities, the park near Los Angeles may be ready to receive its visitors again, starting July 17, four months after the full closure imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic.
And “Disneyland” in California is the second theme park in the world in terms of number of visitors after “Disney World” in Orlando, Florida, and it usually attracts millions of tourists every year.
Disney World has received approval from the authorities and is supposed to reopen its doors days before Disneyland California. Activities resumed at “Disneyland” in Shanghai.
These parks are an important source of revenue for Disney’s first group in a world of entertainment. Last month, Disney indicated that its quarterly revenue in this sector fell by more than half compared to the same quarter of 2019 mainly due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Upon reopening the park in California, visitors will be required to book in advance and respect a separation.
Hotels on site are expected to open in the week after the park is resumed.

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