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America Tech giant "Apple" to launch its first Mac with its own processor at the end of this year

Apple has officially announced that it will abandon the chips it gets from the US chip giant Intel, to rely on special processors from its production. It is expected that the first Mac based on the ARM architecture from Apple will be available later this year. And during its annual conference “Developers” WWDC2020.

It is “a historic day for the Mac OS,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the conference, as the company officially relies on chips from its production based on the ARM architecture that will include it in future Mac devices.He described this step as very large and means a lot, as macOS will support the original iOS applications and its own applications side by side within the new devices in the future, according to what was reported on the website “CNet”.

Apple unveiled a new Mac mini based on the “ARM” architecture, and said it is available to developers starting this week to start building and designing special applications and programs compatible with this architecture in the future.
The move aims to make all Apple devices, including a Mac computer, an iPhone smartphone, and an iPad tablet work together in a symmetrical and seamless manner.
It remains unclear exactly how quickly ARM-based Macs, what products will arrive in the future, how much they will cost, and how good the battery life will be, in return Apple has promised new levels of performance and much lower power consumption than before.

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