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Airlines Operators in Britain to take legal action against the government’s quarantine policy

British Airways and British private airlines EasyJet and Irish Ryanair have said they will take legal action against the controversial quarantine measures announced by the British government.

The international group of the three airlines said – in a statement reported by the English-language Sky News channel on Friday – that their airlines would request a judicial review so that they could be heard as soon as possible.
As the three companies explained in a joint statement, “the legal action will be the most practical and effective solution, and it will enable civil servants to focus on other and more important issues arising from the Corona pandemic and will also place the United Kingdom in line with many European countries that open their borders in mid-June.” .
Airlines described the new quarantine measure as “flawed” and that it would have “a devastating impact on British tourism and the wider economy,” adding that it would see no evidence of the timing of the proposed airlift between the UK and other countries.
The three companies want the British government to adopt again the policy that they presented on the tenth of last March, which holds that travelers coming from countries considered at high risk of coronavirus infection are ordered to isolate themselves upon arrival in the United Kingdom.
The move comes after CEO of Philly Walsh International Standard Group of Airlines stated that the new quarantine rules – a 14-day quarantine for passengers arriving in the country by air – would “blow up” the airline’s opportunities in July Next, it is irrational and inappropriate.
Walsh explained that the industry is facing “its most difficult challenges,” he said, and that British Airways, a subsidiary of the international group, carried only 485 passengers during flights last month.
Following Walsh’s remarks, Irish airline Ryanair, a rival to British Airways, said in a statement, “Ryanair will support any legal action launched by the United International Group Airlines against ineffective quarantine.”
Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary also described the quarantine – in previous statements – as “illogical” and that it would be “useless”.

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