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35 days after his disappearance , “Corona” reappears in Wuhan!

The new Corona virus (COVID-19) reappeared again in the Chinese city of Wuhan, considered the epicenter of the outbreak, 35 days after health authorities announced that they had not recorded any new cases of the “Covid-19” disease caused by the “Corona” virus.
The local health committee said today, Sunday, that a new confirmed infection with the newly emerging “Corona” virus (Covid-19) was recorded in central China’s Hubei Province on Saturday, according to the Chinese News Agency “Xinhua”.
The committee said the patient was locally infected in the provincial capital, Wuhan.
As of Saturday, Hubei had a total of 68,129 confirmed cases of “Covid-19”, including 50,334 cases in Wuhan. The death toll from the Coruna virus in the province was 4,512, including 3,869 in Wuhan.
A total of 283074 contacts with “Covid-19” patients were tracked in the province as of Saturday, and 1,001 people are still under medical observation.
Hubei Province reduced emergency isolation and restriction measures to combat the “Corona” virus from the highest level to the second on May 2.
This is the first time that “Corona” has reappeared in the city, which was considered the cradle of its existence, after the Chinese health authorities had confirmed, yesterday, Saturday, that no new cases of “Corona” virus had been recorded during the past 24 hours in Hubei Province, the epidemic stronghold, for the 35th day on Straight.
Source: Xinhua – Russia today

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