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Staying Safe From COVID-19

Recommendations from Psychologists.

1. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. (Everything we need to know, we already know).

2. Don't look out for death toll. It's not a cricket  or football match to know the latest score. Avoid that.

3. Don't look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state.

4.Avoid sending fatalistic messages. Some people don't have the same mental strength as you have.

5. If possible, preoccupy yourself with something productive. Spend your time creatively and fruitfully learning something new. Take some time for meditation and prayer.

6. Your positive mood will help you to protect your immune system, the negative thoughts only weaken your immune system.

7.Most importantly, firmly believe that we will be safe and we will overcome this.

Don't panic.

 Stay positive...Stay safe.

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