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My “KARMA” Experience _-( Part 2)

Written by; melodyheart

Precisely 90 days after,

Sitting down on my office desk, going through outdated files for onward review by the top management. My office telecom ranged and the voice I heard on the other side was my big belly boss, ordering me to come over to his office immediately and pick up a file for an urgent delivery, this time to the international airport in Abuja. I smiled to myself and feeling very excited knowing that this is another bumper day for me.

I set out for my usual adventure, this time my office gave me 10,000naira for taxi fare. I went through the back gate of the office complex(just to avoid preying eyes if I enter uber taxi or not), walked down to the road side and quickly boarded the smaller shared taxi transport. O boy, 8,000naira go enter my pocket this afternoon, I said to my greedy self.

I got to the next bus stop where I would get another shared taxi that will convey me to the international airport. I boarded the next available taxi, sat very close to a young pretty lady, we exchange pleasantries and chat for a brief moment. Bros the babe fine shaa,,,, I couldn’t take my eyes off from her. My destination bus stop was close and so I demanded for her contact number so we could continue our chat on whatsapp, she obliged. So at that moment when I was bringing out my phone from my jeans pocket, unknowing to me, the money I had with me dropped and fell on the sit of the taxi.

Na so your home boy bring out his android phone with pride, collected this pretty lady contact number, after which I dropped off from the taxi at the next bus stop which was close to the international airport Abuja. We bided goodbye and the taxi zoomed off. Bros, na when I finish the official delivery of the proposal, as I dey waka comot from the office, na him my mind say make I touch my jeans pocket to feel the cash wey I don make,,na so I feel emptiness for my pocket,,,chaiii,,,,,

Was I dreaming or what?? I rechecked it again, but it was not seen. I went to a nearby eatery, walked straight to the rest room,, I immediately pulled off my trouser, yet I did not find the money. Wetin happen? Abi na that fine girl do me some jazz, but how come I no see the money again. Chaiiii,,,,, oghene beko……. I was bothered , I could not even concentrate as I walked through the street of the road. I don calculate how I wan drink two bottles of star larger beer and pepper soup today evening for chiddima shop.

God punish devil,,,, I swear!!!  

Karma has no mercy shaaaaaaaaa

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