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Saudi Arabia Authorities charge 1 person to death, 7 others to prison on treason charges

News reaching our desk revealed that a criminal court in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday have sentenced 1 citizen to death and seven others persons to a protracted prisons terms on charges of treason for spying on the authorities and offering secrete intelligence information to Iran’.

A news outlet in country revealed on Twitter on Tuesday that the country government sentenced to death by the criminal court was accused of “betraying his country and offering intelligence to Iran”.
Meanwhile, Seven others person were also sentenced to a lengthy jail term of 58 years each for having “associated and cooperated with people working in the embassy of Iran”, it added.
The news media outlet however did not disclosed the identity of the people sentenced by the criminal court nor did it explain with which Iranian embassy they were accused of cooperating with.
Saudi-owned publication Al-Arabiya said the death sentence was handed down to a person who was “proven to have leaked confidential information to Iranian intelligence”.

“The confidential information which was leaked affects Saudi national security and includes intelligence on two foreign embassies, such as their entrances, exits, and security presence,” Al-Arabiya reported.

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