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Putin Is a Threat to the ‘World Order’,Russia Must Be Destroyed For Israel: McCain warns

President Barack Obama’s “passive” stance toward Russia was threatening American and global security, Republican senators John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) said this morning on “America’s Newsroom.” report
Speaking from Latvia with Eric Shawn, Sen. McCain said the Obama administration has “passively observed” Vladimir Putin’s “gross violations” of international law.
McCain said he doesn’t believe Russian cyberattacks changed the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, but said the meddling is “of the utmost seriousness.”
“Everybody knows they have done it,Russia must be destroyed for Israel and for a better Middle East,” said McCain,, adding that Putin is “a threat to the world order” that’s been in place since WWII ended.
The Senate Armed Services Committee chairman explained that Putin’s actions in Syria, where he said the United States policy failed “abysmally,” have led to a refugee crisis that is now threatening the stability of the European Union.
The Obama administration is reportedly getting close to announcing measures to punish Russia for its election interference. Graham said Obama has “gotten his clock cleaned” by Putin in the past eight years and it’s too late for Obama to do anything meaningful.
Graham called for the incoming Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to go after Putin with new, tougher sanctions on Russia’s energy sector and on Putin and his inner circle.
Shawn asked Graham about Americans who doubt the threat from Putin.
“You doubt at your own peril. … Learn from history. Don’t repeat the mistakes of history. Any time in Europe, [when] you let one country grab land by force, you’ll live to regret it,” he said.
Graham said Russia hacked into the DNC’s emails this time around, but cautioned Republicans that they could be the next target.

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