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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Grants Citizenship A Terrorists From Jordanian National

Liberal poster boy Justin Trudeau has granted Canadian citizenship to Zakaria Amara, a terrorist sentenced to life in prison for plotting to cut former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s head off.

Amara, a Jordanian national and key member of the notorious “Toronto 18” terror group that also plotted to raid the Canadian House of Commons, was convicted in 2009 and lost his Canadian citizenship in 2015 due to a law that strips convicted terrorists of their citizenship.
However Trudeau’s liberal government have decided this is unfair and have introduced counter legislation this week that will reinstate Amara’s Canadian citizenship.
Daily Caller reports:

Liberal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen attempted to justify Bill C-6 as a means of rectifying “unequal treatment” from the justice system because “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” — even if he or she is also a convicted terrorist. Hussen was testifying to the Canadian Senate, which is studying the bill prior to its final vote in Parliament.
The bill is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to a promise he made in the last federal election campaign to repeal “unfair elements” of the Conservative government’s Bill C-24, which stripped terrorists with dual citizenship of their Canadian status. The Liberals contend that law created two-tiered citizenship.
A recent Angus Reid Institute poll demonstrated that the Conservative law retained popularity with Canadians, with 53 percent indicating the legislation should stay as is.

Notwithstanding any opposition, Hussen testified that anyone losing Canadian citizenship under the current law would have it reinstated under the Liberal plan. Hussen did not mention Amara by name.
When you are a Canadian you shouldn’t feel less valued just because you have dual citizenship with another country,” said Hussen. “Let’s be clear. Terrorists should go to jail for a long time,” he said, but including citizenship revocation in the punishment would be a “dangerous precedent.”
Bill C-6 was approved without any amendments by the House of Commons, where the Liberal government has a majority of the Members of Parliament.

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