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(PICS) Husband saves wife from killing herself by grabbing her ponytail as she leaps off building

A husband grabbed his wife's hair to save her from jumping off a seven-storey building in northwest China's Shaanxi.

According to a report on Huanqiu, a young woman was seen hanging from the edge of a high rise building, shouting 'let go'.

The woman was later rescued by her husband, along with the help of local police. One policeman suffered a soft tissue injury on his shoulder during the frantic scramble.

It is believed that the woman, surnamed Kang, had a quarrel of family matters with her husband, surnamed Liu, living in the top floor of the building.Kang appeared to be in a state of emotional distress.

Kang's body was hanging freely at the edge of the rooftop, while her husband was trying to save her by grabbing her ponytail.

Six local policemen arrived the scene and helped to pull Kang's body back to the platform.

The police grabbed Liu's belt and another tried to take Kang's hand.

The police explained that part of her body was precariously supported by a 30-centimetre-wide (12 inches) drain pipe.

'Her husband can't save by just grabbing her ponytail if there wasn't a drain pipe,' one policeman said.

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