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I had stayed in doors for weeks.

I had cried my eyes out.

Was God punishing me? Was God trying to get back at me? Was I paying for my past? What had I done? I tossed and turned in my bed. I had lost my boyfriend, I had lost my best-friend, and now I had lost my job. Then I blew into another wrap of tissues and tossed it into the litter at the foot of my bed.
My mother walked in again.

She did not breathe a word. She dutifully cleaned my room, cleared the tissues into the bin and left to discard the waste. She returned wuth a tray of food and added casually.

Happy New Year Laura.

I didn’t hear that right. I tried to speak, but was only able to manage a croak.

My mother said, You have successfully cried yourself into 2016. I think you may want to drink to that.

I was ashamed of myself.

I sniffed and pulled my feet under the duvet. Mum knew she had me where she wanted me, but I wasn’t going to budge.

I know you did not like me preaching to you, but you are my child and I will not stop telling you about God’s word.

She pulled the Bible she had given me from the dresser and opened it as she sat by my bed.

She handed it over to me and spoke as firmly as a teacher speaking to a stubborn Junior Secondary School student. Turn to Revelation 21:5.

Revelations? I never liked that book. I knew it was filed with stories of hell and doom, and I did not want any of that.

Mummy, I know what is there.
Really? She mocked.

It is about hell fire. You are telling me that if I don’t stop havings, I will go to hell. I know.

Okay, madam know it all, just humor me and turn to the book of Revelations.

Reluctantly, I turned there, slowly, I read out what I saw.

“Then He who sat on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said to me: write, for these words are true and faithful.
I didn’t expect that.

I was relieved.

Stop crying over any one that left you. If they left your life, it is an opportunity for God to do something new in your life. She began.
I nodded sheepishly.

Charles couldn’t have been the best person for you. If he could leave with your best friend, you should be happy you did not get married to him. I do not know how you kids choose your friends, but Sophie does not qualify to be called a friend. If she has run off with your boyfriend, then good riddance!

I had not felt so foolish all my life. Here I was, a postgraduate with two masters degree crying over a guy and a girl who only proved they were traitors and did not deserve a place in my life.

I hugged my mother as she kept talking.

You never get to outgrow your parents, especially when you are blessed with good ones.

God will give you a good, Christian man. He will give you new friends. And as for your job, I do not know why you resigned. You have to go back there.

I looked at my mum like she was kidding. Her face was resolute. There was no way I was going back to that place to beg Mr. Phillips and to ask for my job back. Or to work under Charles for that matter. I looked pleadingly at mum, but she would not budge.

Make the call. Make it now. My mum was insistent, and her insistence brooked no further arguments.

I reached for my phone grudgingly. This was going to be a crazy ride.

To be continued on next part………


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