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Oh, no! Oh no! Not today! I had begun to panic.

I flew into the bathroom like I was Flash Gracie (what do you call the female Gordon?)

Stomping into my room, I slapped my make up on, jumped into my clothes and made for the door. I could see the awe on my mother’s face.

I will explain when I come back. I pushed past the door and slammed it shut. The gardener did not know how to respond as he watched me sprint to the car in heels so high, I could touch the sky. I threw my bag on the passenger seat, revved the engine, took another glance at the mirror.

As I engaged the gear and reversed out of the compound, I could not help but notice the gardener staring back in disbelief. I heard the faint sound of my mother instructing me to drive safely and to make sure I had something for breakfast.

Who wanted to eat? There was good news at the office.

The journey from my house to the office must have taken less than a second. I honestly hoped I did not beat the lights. I had never driven like that all my life.
Moving past the security guard who merely grunted as I greeted. I raced past the reception, up the stairs and straight into the MD’s office.

I am here! I announced to a bewildered Mr Phillips, who could not hide his surprise.

I heard you called in sick, He began.

But your call healed my body and soul, I cut in.

I mocked. Really sir, you said I was getting a promotion?

Not just that we are opening up a new branch and you will be going there to kick things off.

I thought about all the prayers that my mother had prayed. It is true that God has something better every time things go south.

Sir, just to kick things off or to run things?

Well, you will be running things. Not alone, though. We got some new guy too. Highly recommended by one of the ED’s.

At this point I didn’t care if it was the ED or the guard that recommended my new partner. As long as I got the promotion and the new lease of life.
I will take you to him. Mr Phillips offered.

We walked out of his office, back down the stairs into Mark’s former office.
This time, I was not ready for the sight that greeted my eyes.

Seated behind the massive desk was Charles curled on the couch was Sophie. Sophie sat up and put up a straight face.

Here meet Charles. Mr Phillips announced.

This is a joke, right? I had begun to quake.

What do you mean? Mr Phillips responded.

What kind of sick, mean prank is this? I yelled.

Laura, you will do well to behave yourself.. What is the matter with you?
He began but I did not let him finish. I cut through with all the expletives in my arsenal. I vented and railed till the building began to shake. I knew I had crossed the line. I knew I could not come back. I knew I would be fired. But I would rather be fired than work under Charles.

Looking at Mr Phillips in the eyes, I blurted, You can keep your promotion. You can keep your new staff. I won’t come back here. I quite!

With that, I stomped out of the office as everyone gathered in bewilderment to watch me leave.

I knew I would be center of the office gossip for weeks. I knew I had just made a terrible mistake. Just maybe I really need Jesus. I sat in my car and began to cry…….

To be continued on next part………


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