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Medical benefits of Tomatoes--- Study

A nutrient found in tomatoes could help ease bladder problems in older men, experts believe.
They discovered that the chemical lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red colour, could reduce the expansion of the prostate.
The gland is wrapped around the urinary tract, and its enlargement in later life can make urinating slow or difficult – a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
A team reviewed research into the chemical, and published their findings in the journal Oncology and Cancer Case Reports.
Professor Hiten Patel, from the University of Tromso in Norway, said: “We knew lycopene seems to slow down prostate cancer, but now it seems it can slow down the enlargement of the prostate and development of BPH as well.
“We need more research before we can say it should be recommended routinely, but this review is very promising.”
One of the problems highlighted was that lycopene is not easily absorbed by the body. However researchers believe that giving it as a pill could get round this.

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