ISIS twins brother murder their mother and stab father & brother who tried to stop them joining terrorists

A pair of ISIS' twins  stabbed their mum to death and severely injured their dad and brother when they tried to stop them joining the terror group. 

According to Gulf News.Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni, 20, allegedly stabbed their mother, 67, father, 73, and their brother Sulaiman, 22, in their home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, before stealing a car and fleeing.
A spokesperson for the Saudi Arabian interior ministry said:

"The security authorities received a call at 1:12am on Friday about an utterly heinous crime committed by Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni.

"The twins stabbed their mother, 67, father, 73, and their brother Sulaiman, 22, in their home."Investigations revealed that they lured their mother to the storeroom and stabbed her several times.

 Then, they went to the father and treacherously stabbed him before chasing their brother and stabbing him as well. 

"They used a cleaver and sharp knives they brought from outside. The mother died on the spot and the father and brother were critically injured and were taken to a hospital."

The twins were arrested in Delm, around 100 kilometres south west of Riyadh, reports Gulf News.
According to local reports, the mother had told the twins that she would report them to the authorities if they kept planning to leave the country and join the ranks of ISIS.

Saudi Arabia was stunned by the savagery of the crime, with many asking why the two young men, who appeared to come from a loving and caring home, could turn into killers.

Othman Al Maney, the imam of Al Muhaisan Mosque in Al Hamra neighbourhood, said that the two Daesh twins did not perform prayers.
 “They prayed for one week about four months ago, while their father, a pious man, is among the first comers to the mosque and their mother, also known for her piety, prayed the late prayers with us on Thursday,”

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