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Blac Chyna isn’t ready to be part of the Kardashians

Blac Chyna isn’t ready to be part of the Kardashians,TMZ reports the star wants nothing to do with the world famous brand because it will “royally screw up her brand”. 

She has made it clear to Rob’s family that she won’t sign with Kris, will not be under the Kardashian umbrella, will not do their reality show ... and on and on. 

"Chyna insists she wants nothing to do with TV ... she's far more interested in developing a Paris Hilton-style business empire, hawking everything from eyelashes to purses. She also says the notion she's benefited from the Kardashians is BS, and in fact Rob has richly benefited from her. Truth be told, Rob's been making money since hooking up with Chyna ... promoting teeth whitening products, women's shoes and other stuff on social media ... for $$."

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